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    Inversion Tables Useful Tips

    How to Use an Inversion Table

    Inversion tables are platforms with back pads and straps where you can tie yourself while you are lying down on a certain angle. After wearing all the safety gears you need, you can now set your device in the angle you need. There are many ways to use it, but you should not try any angle you want. Generally speaking, you can stay as long as you feel comfortable because there are no rules being set. But for beginners, staying 1-2 minutes a day at an angle of 20-30 degrees for the first week is highly recommended. However, it is always better if you ask your doctor before you try one.

    Important Safety Reminders

    Let’s get this straight; inversion tables are not for everybody despite the fact that inversion therapy is absolutely safe. Pregnant women are strongly not advised to use them because long time use can increase blood pressure and decrease heart rate, which can affect the baby. And because of potential negative effects of improved blood circulation, people suffering from hypertension, glaucoma, recent bone fractures, extreme obesity, middle ear infection, spinal injury, and other related health problems should always consult with their doctors before inverting. Better safe than sorry.

    How to Buy the Best Inversion Table

    There are only two different kinds – the powered and the non-powered. For obvious reasons, powered ones are more expensive than the non-powered ones. However, they allow you to use the equipment more conveniently. They have push-button controls so that you can easily adjust the angle of decline as well as the footrest height. On the other hand, adjustments in non-powered ones are done manually. However, most of them are lightweight and can be folded.

    But before you buy one, make sure that you are choosing the right one, for instance – best inversion table should have degree of inversion that is controllable and the platform can easily be adjusted. Check also the limits of the weight and height. Thick back pads are more comfortable to use than the thin ones, but you should try if they are also made of quality materials. If possible, choose one with removable pads so that you can freely perform other exercises. But more importantly, read a lot of inversion table reviews to help you decide easily.