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    Cat Food Ignorance

    Increasingly pet owners are becoming aware that the pet food manufacturers have been selling a lie, they have come to realize that these big companies do not exist for the good of our pets but simply to convert inedible waste from the human food industry and other dead and diseased animal wastes into cold hard cash and lots of it.

    But The power of the advertising dollar has left many people feeling that kibble and cans is the only option there is, but they are wrong, kibble and cans has only been a popular way to feed cats and dogs for about 70 years and before that pretty much every cat and dog was fed with raw meaty bones and whole prey.

    Of course the pet food industry does not want the public to be aware of the fact that it is actually very easy to feed your cat and dog a perfectly good, healthy, home made raw diet but you should learn what food is good and what bad for your cat and you can click here to learn that, nor do they want you to know that this perfectly good healthy raw diet will actually cost you less than a pretty poor quality tinned cat food – It would not be a great business model to let you all know that you can feed your pets high quality, fresh, true human grade meat for less than a tin of cat slop would it?

    So the pet food industry has pulled out all the stops to ‘protect’ you from the truth.

    The labeling on the packets are chosen very carefully to make the product sound as lovely as it can be while JUST remaining within the law.
    They spend a good deal of time and money making everyone think that there is something magical and elusive about feeding a carnivore that only they have the expertise to get right – There is not
    They pay for and provide a vets nutrition training – Which involves a sales person promoting commercial food and informing vets that a raw diet is extremely dangerous.
    Vets also make money from sick pets not healthy ones, it is an absolute FACT that some vets will try to prevent you from feeding raw because they KNOW it will reduce the money they will make from you!