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Get Paid For Your Opinion

Turn on your computer….. answer a few questions……
tell them what you REALLY think……. and earn money!

  • Participate in online focus groups – get paid $30-$150
  • Fill out simple online surveys – get paid $2-$75
  • Watch brand new movie trailers – get paid $4-$25

Can this be true?… The answer is both YES and NO!


Market research companies, advertising agencies and focus groups really want and NEED your opinions. Smart companies have been spending money on consumer research for a very long time. Now, thanks to the internet, respected companies like Nestle, Ford and McDonalds can do market research studies without having a group of people huddle into a room for a presentation, or spend money annoying people with telephone surveys. Especially on holidays, and there is this interesting article onĀ Good Men Project talking about making some extra cash online from paid surveys on Christmas that you should check it out.

Doing Paid Online Surveys Could Be A Great Opportunity For You!

To shorten the learning curve it’s smart to join an “online survey program” that will give a database of links to the current sites paying for your opinion (these links come and go very quickly). It is a full time job for these companies to keep up with the constantly changing survey opportunities


There are hundreds of these programs available through mail order and over the internet. Unfortunately, most of them are worthless. Most of these programs will sell you a list of out dated/dead links and offer no follow up support.

If you want to be successful doing online surveys we suggest you find a program that meets the following standards:

  • First: The program should be a membership site that constantly updates the surveys available. If you buy a program that simply sends you a one-time list you will find most of the links have gone dead, or no longer offer PAID surveys (these will waist your time)! You want a site that is constantly adding newer surveys and allows you to login in and check new updated survey opportunities.
  • Second: You want more than just a database of links. You might need support or direction. Make sure the program offers some guidance on how to apply, some tips and tricks, and a way to ask questions and get responses. Like any new endeavor, you need to make sure you can get ongoing guidance and support.
  • Third: Make sure you get a BONUS. The better programs offer you good value for your money AND a little extra. They are large enough that they can offer great incentives to join them. Make sure you evaluate the program and the bonus!

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