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Uses of UAV Technology

UAVs can be used to monitor agricultural lands. It not only provides the aerial inspection of the corps but it can also help inspecting soil erosion and other parameters that are impossible to observe from the ground. Japanese people introduced this technology in the agriculture purposes. Many kinds of UAVs are being used in the agriculture sector. Not only in agriculture can these be quite useful in forestry too. With the increase in usage of this technology number of training programs is also rising.

UAV or drone can provide good help to the earth sciences departments, although various satellites are available for studying different aspects of the earth. There is still need for aerial inspections to forecast weather and things like that. This technology can help scientists to predict weather more accurately.

This technology can provide significant assistance in the security of the borders as well as internal security. They can also play an important role in law enforcement also. They can be used to assisting the police in tracking criminals, search and rescues, surveillance and much more.

Risks Related to UAV Transport:

The risks of air collisions are the biggest fear that comes to the mind. Chances of the accident are very high when an airborne vehicle is not operated by a trained pilot. So, when we are talking about a UAV which is flying without a pilot, this risk becomes even higher. A pilot driven plane can always take evasive action in a crisis; a drone cannot make that call unless it is directed to do so. So we can say the risk of collision is very high with drones as compared to manned planes.

Another risk with drones is that they can collide with objects on the ground that may cause considerable damage. They can hit with objects on the field too, causing damage to people and their properties. There is always a possibility of the UAV going out of control after may be a loss of signal or something like that and they can fall in some populated area.

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